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Establish the best possible arrangement with your customers and identify as many positive outcomes as possible. Our performance culture includes a highly visible leadership and management approach along with human resources that ensures collection training with the quality assurance systems in a compliance culture..


  • Latonya McLaurin
    PFS was able to assist me and help settle my debts. The online payment option was very convenient and allowed me to set up my own payment arrangements, which really worked best for me
    Latonya McLaurin
  • Teresa D
    I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the service provided by Premier Financial services. Because of your service, I no longer have to take time to call customers who are slow paying and listen to their excuses. Your written demands get their attention in a way we never could. As a result of your services, some of our traditionally slow-paying customers have started paying on time and we have collected on some debts that we probably would not have collected.
    Teresa D
    SLG Logistics
  • Wendy Hershaw
    We have worked closely with PFS over the past few years, and they continue to do a great job for us. First off, the level of professionalism from the collectors has never once made us question our choice of representation. They are aggressive yet professional with even the most stubborn customers. I believe that their approach has generated a collection rate far beyond anything i thought was possible by a third party.
    Wendy Hershaw
  •  Melvin B
    Although I have only been using a collection agency for a short time. I can honestly state that Premier Financial services were able to fully comprehend my issues and help me recover funds in a very short time.
    Melvin B
    Mississippi Resources